Professionalism at its finest
Meagan helped me finalize my divorce and my criminal charges. It took 15 months! She held my hand during the most difficult time in my life. She worked with me on payments and was fair. I have referred her to friends. I am so glad I hired her. Just hope we stay friends and I don’t need her professional services again!

- Lyndsay

Child Custody
Megan was awesome. She was on top of all aspects of the case, explained both sides well, advised us in the right direction & we won. Megan was available for any questions we had day or night. Megan is an excellent lawyer.

- Anonymous

Awesome Lawyer
From our first visit into the office to visit Meagan, I knew she would be a great help. We were in the process of adopting a foster child that had been in our home for a year and half and ran into a couple of stumps in the road. I reached out to Meagan and when we walked into the door she had already did her research on the case and was ready to go. She was straight and honest with us stating she didn’t think that we would need her but she was willing to help. She communicated everything to us, walk us through what was going to happen and what to prepare for. She is awesome! If we had to do this all over again she would be the first one I would call! Thanks for all your help!

- Helena

Law and Order
Gentry Law was amazing, helped me through every point of my trial, and never left me in a grey area. Which really made thinks a lot more comfortable! Thank you, Meagan!!!

- Michael

Very knowledgeable and polite
I called her office and SHE picked up, every time! She knew exactly what I needed to do to help processing my requests and fixing other lawyers mistakes. I cannot believe it took me this long to find her! Totally recommend! And yes, I will be hiring!

- James Johnson

A good lawyer
…….Meagan Gentry was wonderful to have as a defense attorney. During the consultation she was very friendly, and let me know exactly what she could do for me. Very knowledgeable and understanding of my needs and could work out a payment plan that was comfortable and affordable. Case went well and was satisfied with the whole process, was always there when I needed her!

- Anonymous