If you find yourself facing criminal charges for domestic violence, drug possession, trafficking, or other serious crimes, you may be fearful of what could happen in the days and weeks ahead. From worrying about possible jail time to wondering how these events will affect your family, these can be extremely stressful times. If you or a loved one are facing such serious charges, it’s imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney who has the experience and knowledge needed to handle your case. For those in Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, and surrounding counties who need a South Carolina criminal defense attorney, the Gentry Law Firm is where many people turn to for help when they need it most.

Rather than attempting such a difficult case on your own, you need a criminal defense attorney who puts your best interests first. Whether it’s interviewing potential witnesses, examining evidence, or making sure any paperwork is filed correctly and on time, using a South Carolina criminal defense attorney such as Meagan Gentry will ensure you will have an attorney who understands the criminal justice system and can guide you through its many complexities. Having been a public defender and a prosecuting attorney, Meagan understands both sides to your case and has the experience necessary to ensure the most successful case possible for you and your loved ones.

By using a multi-faceted approach to your case, Meagan will provide the individual attention needed to develop a winning strategy. Fortunately for most, cases are resolved without ever setting foot inside a courtroom; instead, many cases are settled or dismissed.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges and wondering what the future holds, contact the Gentry Law Firm today to schedule your consultation. By doing so, you will quickly learn you are not in this fight alone. You have an experienced attorney by your side who will work hard for your legal rights.