You can make decisions today that will make the lives of the people you care for easier. Gentry Law Firm can help you plan what will happen to your family when you die or become incapacitated and you are unable to manage your own affairs. Many families acquire a large number of assets or savings over the years, and protecting those assets is crucial. Despite how carefully an individual may save or invest for the future, if that individual does not create a comprehensive estate plan, then he or she will have no control over how those assets are distributed in the event of an untimely death or debilitating illness. Gentry Law Firm can help you create and implement an estate plan so that your assets will be owned and managed, and ultimately distributed, to your beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes. We care about our clients and want to make sure that the estate planning process is easily understood. Gentry Law Firm can give you the satisfaction of knowing you have put a plan in place which will simplify the lives of those you love.

Our firm continues to remain mindful of the costs of legal services. As with our family law practice, our estate planning practice offers a full range of legal services at an affordable price.

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